Bespoke solutions according to your wishes and need, high-quality, functional, of high aesthetic, and durable solutions that add value to your project.


Integrated solutions for the modernization and decoration of buildings and interiors, focusing mainly on improving energy efficiency and aesthetics.


We have the expertise to design a complete store configuration and can guarantee flawless construction, from the study of the premises up to the completion of the project.


IKIOS construction company uses Building Information Modeling, one of the most recent developments in the construction industry. BIM methodology makes use of a digital model that incorporates information and parameters associated with the actual building’s shape, structure, and systems. Once the design is complete, the BIM digital model represents the exact geometry and data needed for the design, organization and use of the building. In addition, after construction is complete, the digital model can be used to manage and maintain the actual building.


IKIOS provides engineering services for all engineering fields with a scientific approach, an excellent knowledge of current legislation, responsibility and consistency in delivery timeframes. Architectural andmechanical studies, structural design, issuing building permits, and business licenses and engineering consultancy services are some of our main areas of expertise.


IKIOS construction company offers a comprehensive package for a complete project, including the creation of your business, from its business profile to the delivery of your premises. This is thanks to the participation of all the office partners (architect-decorator-civil engineer-graphic designer-advertiser), in order to provide full support to the project you want to carry out, from day one to the delivery of the project.

Specifically, the package will include creating a corporate identity by the advertiser marketer, who, in direct collaboration with the decorator, will be responsible for creating the image your business will take (logo, business name, colors, design, and space layout). Then, the company’s engineers undertake the implementation of the project and its delivery within the agreed timeframe.